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Patio Sliding and Garden Doors

Our vinyl patio doors are not only attractive but energy-efficient, with LoE glass a standard in all our patio doors. Add grills to your door to add distinction, whether it will be in white, pewter, or brass you can customize your door to suit your style. How about a multi-point locking system or a foot lock for added security at an affordable price?

Mini blinds are now available in all standard-sized doors. No more dusting, the blinds are sealed inside! These high-quality blinds are easy to tilt open and slide up and down.

Imagine Patio Doors

The Imagine provides all the charm of a "garden door" without the inconvenience of a swinging door. Made of a high quality structure, it offers an exceptional level of efficiency. Its frame is distinguished by the rigidity of wood combined with the durability of PVC. Personalize your door with grids or our integrated blinds!

Download the CAPRI 3.0 Brochure

Our brochure includes information on the standard and custom options available for the CAPRI 3.0 Sliding Door.

Capri 3.0.
Durable. Elegant. Beautiful.

  • Oversized sash frames — a luxurious look.

  • Soft touch fin weather strip results in effortless gliding action.

  • Capri 3.0’s smooth finished look, no visible installation screws, discrete hidden bumpers.

  • Air infiltration reduced with multi-finned weather strip, top and bottom.

  • Standard twin point lock inside and outside d-handles allow easy operation and superior security.

  • Superior 2" x 1⁄2" screen, lock with pull handles, heavy duty zinc keeper.

  • Lifetime warranty on vinyl and 1” low e- glass units.

  • Hundreds of standard paint colours. (Colour match program available).

  • Three distinct upgraded hardware lines.

  • Secondary security locks. (Kicklocks and Topbolts in addition to our twin point lock.)

  • Energy savings, home comfort from hi-efficiency glass packages.

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